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Procurement realization in the Cloud is closely based on on-line collaboration of procurement participants, digital connections between purchasers and suppliers, joint realization procurement activities, sharing information and resources, using of best practices, knowledge and abilities of all procurement participants. Procurement realization in Cloud software means that purchasers and suppliers use unique software and unique database.


Purchaser's employees use interface that meets their needs (buying interface), and the supplier's employees use interface for sales activities (sales interface). Both interfaces allow access, input, processing, storage and sharing of procurement data. Data are stored in a unique database in which are defined appropriate rights of using data and established a comprehensive data protection.


Procurement cloud software provides:


- Establishment of technology platform that provides unique working environment for purchasrers and suppliers regardless of the systems they use.


- Creation over the Internet community networks of purchasers and suppliers that are quick and easy connected and set up their cooperation to achieve interests.


- Comprehensive management of the procurement process by using scalable web services.


- The successful exchange and rational generation and management of information in procurement process.


 - Using the latest technologies and solutions to all companies, regardless of power, size and computer equipment.


 - Decrease in investments in IT infrastructure and maintenance requirements.


- Treating IT infrastructure like he cost, not as equity investment.


- Using IT infrastructure and resources as needed

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